curved curtain track

Curved Curtain Track | Need a Curved Drapery Track?

What is a curved curtain track and how to find it for home decoration? Need a Curved drapery track? Adding drapery to a room is standard practice, and there has been a recent fad for using coverings around beds, to divide rooms, or to allow homeowners to live in outside spaces without experiencing excessive sunlight.

Decorating the room in this way can be very appealing, but if you live in a house that has arched roofs, or where the track needs to curve around space in order to fit in with the style of the room, then you need to think about ways to manage the design without having to install a series of short, ugly rods which make the drapery look as though it was stuttering across the room. One of the better alternatives to this is to use a plastic curved track in order to support the weight of the cloth while still being curved.

Curved Curtain Track | Need a Curved Drapery Track?

Do I need a curved drapery track?

The problem of using drapery in curved areas often means that decorators are tempted to skip corners and try alternate methods to create the perfect look in their room. One of the most common options for DIY fans is to use tacks or staples to pin the drapery directly to the ceiling of the home.

There are two reasons why this is not the best alternative. Firstly, the tacks can leave holes in the ceiling which will make the room look unattractive if you wish to remove the drapery at a later date, or if you realize that you have made a mistake when installing the drapery. Secondly, staples and tacks are not really suitable for use in supporting material, and this means that there is a high likelihood that the staples will simply fall out due to the pull of gravity, leaving you with damaged drapery all over the floor. A much better solution is to use a flexible track.

Why is flexible drapery track the best option?

There are several reasons why a curved or flexible track can be the best way to secure your drapery. Firstly, it allows you to connect the drapery in a single, flowing line regardless of the positioning of the track. This is best when you wish to decorate to a high standard.

Secondly, using a flexible track makes it easier for you to fit your drapery around a curved window, or along with an arched ceiling. The track is able to bear the weight of your cloth and is less likely to fall down.