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Where Can I Get Continuous Curtain Track?

Where Can I get a continuous curtain track? For many years, there has been a practice of installing large windows in homes. These might include large bay windows that seem to bulge out from the room, picture windows that were so popular in the 90s, and large French or sliding windows.

All of these styles have a single distinct problem, and that is the issue of covering these windows with curtains. Most tracks sold in stores are made to fit standard windows and are therefore not large enough to cover the bigger windows or to fit around bay windows, where more tracks are needed. In order to cover curtains, it is necessary to look for a continuous track to ensure that you have enough curtain rail to cover the entire windowpane.

Looking for continuous curtains in stores

Whenever you are looking for curtain tracks, the first place that most people will look is in DIY stores. There are several of these available, and whether you are looking at a mom-and-pop store or one of the big chains, you might expect to be able to find curtain tracks in there to suit your needs.

However, most stores just don’t stock continuous curtain tracks, and will not provide flexible tracks which can fit into bay windows. This means that you need to look elsewhere for your larger-than-normal tracks. Even multinational stores are not likely to have these longer tracks at individual stores, and waiting for a piece can put your DIY project back for weeks or months. There are better ways for you to manage this issue, and ensure that you get the track you want.

Continuous Curtain Track

Finding the right track online

The internet has opened up a large number of shopping options for the DIY fan, and if you have started to wonder “Where can I get continuous curtain track?”, then you may need to start looking online.  There is a range of different continuous curtain tracks, offering either curved or straight lines depending upon your needs.

If you want to cover a picture window or French windows, then a long, straight piece is ideal. However, if you need something which has more curves, then you should try looking at flexible continuous tracks. These can help you to position your tracks wherever you need them, and allow you to cover all of the surfaces of a large bay window or a curved window.

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